Colin Charvis
Colin Charvis

Colin Charvis (born 27 December 1972) is a former captain of the Welsh national rugby union team and also played for the British and Irish lions. A back row forward, Charvis was equally adept as a flanker or as the no. 8.

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Rick O’Shea
Rick O’Shea

TV Presenter & Speaker

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Phill Steele
Phill Steele

Broadcaster & Speaker

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John Devereux
John Devereux


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Carolyn Hitt
Carolyn Hitt

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author

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Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence

International Triathlete

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Sililo Martens
Sililo Martens

Organises and manages the Chartis Cup charity match which included the likes of Shane Williams, Freddy Tuilagi, Martyn Williams and many others…

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